Sometimes, you feel you must buy half of the yarn for something ridiculous...and the other half as soon as you can afford it. That's how I'm feeling about the yarn for a particular skirt in a particular magazine. There is this really adorable-in-the-most-bizarro-way skirt in the latest knit.1. It has ruffles...lots of ruffles...silly, silly, ADORABLE ruffles. Actually, the pattern is written so that you attach (sew) the skirt to a polo shirt to create a dress...but I would much rather wear it as a skirt. I don't think it would be too hard to add some elastic to it...and that's what I intend to do...when I get the yarn.

Sometimes, you WANT to go in circles. I know in life it can be frustrating to seem like you are always ending up where you started...but sometimes, it's just the sort of thing you need. I think it might actually be harder to deal with those seams you always seem to be left with. Why do you think the phrase "seamless" carries such a positive connotation? That's why I've decided my next project will not have seams...it will fit together without them and I won't have to figure out which stitch to what stitch. That would be nice...and another reason why that silly ruffly skirt I mentioned is becoming more and more enticing.

Sometimes, you try to knit socks again:

It's coming along...I'm wondering if it might be too small for my foot. I am not sure yet if the stitch pattern really allows for much stretching and I think it has finally become clear to me that I knit more tightly than I should...maybe it's the pain in my shoulders or all of the anger I tend to carry...I'm working on it. :)

So, I just looked at that pattern for the skirt and realized it is not worked in the round. What a shame. But don't worry, my pets, I've found something else...something to make me yearn for warmer weather...and maybe even a tan.

Would you like to see a picture of me dying an Easter Egg with a really stupid face and kind of a creepy-looking hand?

Put some lip-balm on, self, seriously.

Well, that's all for today. Over and out.

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Kar said...

well isn't your blog just lovely, and i need to update mine...i'll work on that! i'm going dress shopping tomorrow :)