Eventually Easter

Tomorrow morning will be Easter morning and I always like to think about what that means to me. Easter is a reminder of how to live your life, full of only gratitude for what you have and also the willingness to give it all away...seemingly for nothing. Kindness and love...that's what God is to me...and that's worth celebrating.

I'm not going to go into a whole theological schpeal or anything. I just feel like stating that, yes, I am a Christian...and more importantly, I feel most "Christians" are missing the point...an ultimate sacrifice seemingly for nothing...

Enough of that...but I hope you have just a glimpse of what my spiritual beliefs are in that respect. This world is temporary. I have said that so many times in debates on ALL topics (political, religious, spiritual or otherwise)...because that's what it all boils down to. What have we to hold onto?? It is only those intangible things...those natural experiences that matter, and--dare I say it??--all you need is love...and that is all that politicians and most of the human inhabitants of this tiny planet are lacking.

I don't even know why I'm going into all of this heavy nonsense...


It's the Wrap Jacket from this book.

I think I sort of like it...sort of. Of course I have my nit-picky tendencies. It's a bit wide for me...but not so much that it's really noticeable. All in all, good times.

Oh, and here's my sock so far:

It's not QUITE pink...but it is close. I love this yarn. It is Regia Bamboo color sock yarn...and it is SO FULL of color, but still very subtle and not too flashy. It feels nice to knit with too.

That's all for now. Happy Easter!!

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Kar said...


oh, and i've decided that i officially hate my job and am looking for a new one closer to david...and not just ones at colleges (though it'd be perfect, it just may not be in the cards...but whatev). I'm reading "happy yoga" again and am excited about it. I'm on the "you can't get happy, you can only be happy" section