All knit up

The wrap jacket is all knit up and is currently blocking (rather half-ass-edly, I might add) in the guest bedroom. I don't feel like taking a picture. I am hoping that it will finish doin' what it does by tomorrow morning so that I can go ahead and tackle the seaming. It will probably take me a while to seam...we'll see. I am not sure what to use to seam it. I don't have enough of the yarn I knit it in to seam with...but I wouldn't have used it if I had enough because it is a tape yarn. I have a feeling seaming with tape yarn isn't the best idea...and would probably be very annoying. I have some tannish, neutrally sock yarn that I probably won't ever make a real "PAIR" of socks out of and I am thinking that I will use that. I don't know...I'll decide tomorrow. I also need to decide what yarn to use for the trim...another thing that might take forever to get done.

I am knitting a sock...and I really like it. I already had to take the whole thing off of the needles and start over, but since then, all is well in Sockland. Even though it's late, I think I may knit a few more rounds tonight...although, knitting while tired may lead to a THIRD start on the sock. I'm a risk-taker, what can I say?

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