Well...the time has come. I'm on to my last ball for the wrap jacket thingy. Today, I have ordered some online. I've (thanks Kara) found a place online that is selling three balls. I wonder if three will be enough. I really don't think so. I think I need four...but I can't find any more. I guess I can shorten the sleeves a little bit, but I'd rather not have to do that. I like the look of the long sleeves with the bell shaping. It will look stupid if I make them short. I don't know.

I guess you'd like to see the progress on the wrap jacket? Here you go:

A completed front, all pinned-out there for ya.

The beginning of front no. 2.

I really want to finish this thing. I think I'll really like it...if only I could get it done.

I finally got around to buying that needle I needed. So, tonight...or tomorrow (probably tomorrow) I will get back to work on the cable cardigan. This is another one that I just really want to finish because I know that I will like it once it's done. I know that all the pain involved in making those cables will end up being worth it.

Speaking of cables....

I love this. It is in the latest issue of Knit.1 magazine. It calls for nine balls of Lion wool (which is an affordable option, btw. Thanks Knit.1). I want to make it in this color. It's called "lemongrass." Won't it look cool with all those cables and bobbles?? I think so...definitely.

Let's see, what else? Here's a hint at what my scarf is like:

Like? Can't tell? Good. It's sort of like a secret. :) I'll show it when it's finished!! (mainly because I don't know how it will turn out and I don't want to look like a Bozo when I decide it's garbage. This way it can just drift softly away without anyone noticing...if it comes to that)

I got the new Vogue Knitting for spring/summer. I love the lace stuff. While I was at Wal-mart buying a new needle, I also picked up a huge skein of this:

Baby soft acrylic yarn. I usually don't get the acrylic stuff, but this was just too soft to resist.

Oh, and why is it that yarn companies feel only babies would enjoy a yarn so soft and insist that they only make it in pastels?? Huh?? Why?? While I like the minty green color...and will wear pastels without hesitation...I am still more of an earth tone kind of girl when it comes right down to it...more of a neutral. (I'm reminded of the classic Futurama episode. "Tell my wife I said...hello." dies...so funny) But, what are you going to do? As long as babies keep liking pastels (and I'm not so sure they do), yarn companies will make their softest yarns in those appealing Easter egg colors (I like Easter eggs, too). Whatever.

Anyway...with that yarn I am thinking that I will try my hand at this:

Sorry about the "sideways-ness" of the image. I don't know how to rotate it...kind of bothering me, actually. I'm not sure if acrylic yarn will work in a lace pattern simply because of the blocking needs, but I'm going to try. Seriously, the yarn was $2.97! How could I pass it up? If it works, I will have one INCREDIBLY cheap shirt! Wish me luck!

Oh gawd...as if this post were not long enough already! I was at Joann's for the purpose of looking through sewing pattern books and the Butterick patterns were on sale for $1.97! So, I bought 4!!!! Look, look!:

((The dress, not the other stuff))

((The one with the HUGE bow, of COURSE))

I'm going to make them...in the order shown above. When I pick up my tip money tonight, I'm going to run and buy the fabric for that first dress. It's the easiest of all of them. I wonder what fabric I will choose. It calls for a lightweight linen, I think...I just hope they have some in a nice pattern or color. I don't want to make it in that classic linen khaki color, but I will if I have to. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow (by tomorrow, I mean whenever I get around to posting again).

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Kar said...

yay! new post...i have no yarn or crafty things to make a new post...ill try and work on that this week, but no promises! i hate work...it sucks...and are the patterns still on sale? i want to try my luck with them!