I've found the cutest linen fabric for the dress pattern. I've already cut out the pieces. I'm just taking a break now before all of that sewing. Really, the washing, blocking, and cutting is the hard stuff. It wears a person out. From here on out, it should be smooth sailing...up until I need to tailor it to actually fit me.

Ok, about that. It says that the smallest size (the size I cut out) is a size 6. I'm normally a size 0-2, depending on the garment/brand/what-have-you. I think it might be a European size 6...if that's the case, it will be smaller and I may not have to fix anything. What would really suck is if it ended up too small. I really wouldn't know how to fix that whopper, but I have a yucky feeling about the whole thing. BUT I'M MAKING IT ANYWAY. The pieces are cut...there's no turning back.

Here's a picture of my cut out pieces:

Here's a close-up of the fabric (adorable):

I've finished the cables section on the back of the cabled cardigan and am working my way through the armholes now. But damn...it's small. I am knitting the smallest size, but I think I should have knit the next size up. I am NOT starting over. Those cables were tedious. I don't want to work backwards on this thing. Here's my plan. When I block it, I'm going to block it to the specifications of the next size up. Hopefully, it will work...and stay that way through wear and tear. I don't want to have to block it every time I wear it, you know? Here's the glamour shot:

I haven't knit on the other thing because I'm too lazy to sew in the new tape yarn. It seriously only takes a few minutes, but I'm not interested. Maybe when I get the yarn to finish it, I'll be more excited.

The weather has been gorgeous lately. I hope it stays this way.


Kar said...

i think that once you block the sweater it will be ok, things generally don't shrink during wear, they stretch! so you'll probably be ok...and is size 6 the smallest or is it according to your specs? I'd assume that you would've made a muslin mock because you're like that! anyways, it looks good! and i kinda adjusted the colors for my wedding...i want to use the super cute candle holders i brought back from morocco...so i'm adapting my colors to that...it'll be cool..at least that what i'm banking on...

Kar said...

yay i blogged!

Kar said...

some of the wedding stuff isn't costing that much and a ton of diy...i can totally help you do some of the stuff, like maybe bring some awesome homemade truffles...maybe even with a monogram in white chocolate...i really do love diy!