I wonder if I'll post twice today...

...because this post will probably suck. I finished one of the fronts for the hole-y wrap jacket thingy. I'm worried that the armholes are going to be a bit too small...but they should be fine, I think, as I am quite thin in the arm area. I finished it two days ago, but I haven't taken a picture yet. I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe later.

I've started a scarf (sewing, not knitting). I have less than half of the pieces done and once they are all done, I'm going to piece the pieces together and put some kind of lining on it. It's looking cute so far, but again, it's not worth taking pictures of yet. So, I haven't.

I'm not sure if I will knit at all today. I am pretty sure that I will have enough yarn to finish the second front. It didn't require as much as I expected. Still, I will need more to finish the sleeves. Lately, I feel like I must either not knit at all or knit myself into exhaustion. I can't apply myself to that "in-between" area. I'm like this in every aspect of my life, too...not just knitting. I wonder why I'm "that way."

I still haven't found a job. I wrote a pretty good cover letter and spent a lot of time on it. Then, I went to apply for that position and it was gone. There is a night position available, but they seem to be more picky with that one in who they will hire. EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE. Who the fuck came up with this? I don't want to work a night shift anyway. I'm all bummed out about it because it would have actually been a direct use of my psychology degree...not some cop-out filler job because I'm basically broke. But it looks like I'm going back to looking for one of those jobs...I hate this. I hate everything about it. Especially the fact that I have to PAY money to apply for these jobs because half of them don't have email or online applications...damn Kinko's faxes.

Lord help me.

Maybe I'll post pictures later, but don't get your hopes up.

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