Yarn problems

Yeah...I truly won't have enough yarn to finish the wrap jacket/sweater thing...but I'm working on it anyway because I haven't gotten a replacement needle for the cable cardigan yet. The yarn I'm going to run out of is discontinued (Katia Idea no. 16), but I may be able to find it online. I am continuing this wrap sweater with just that hope in mind. Come friday (payday), I will start the real search online and hopefully order a few more balls. Seriously, the pattern says 5 balls and I will need more like 8-9. and I am pretty sure I checked my guage on this one because I was not using the recommended yarn in the pattern...but I CHECKED...or at least I THOUGHT I did. Whatever. The good thing is, since the yarn is discontinued, if I DO find it the yarn will be very cheap. I'm using that fact to console me in these bitter days.

Here's the sweater:

I have to say...I'm not too thrilled with the way the ladders are looking. Maybe that's the difference between a cotton/linen blend and 100% silk. I simply couldn't afford the silk...I'm still knitting it, though...maybe when it's all put together it won't look so....I don't know...."French whore's tattered stocking" seems the right description to me.

******edited to add: upon looking at the close up shot above, I realized that when I was picking up ladder stitches, I was twisting them. The ladders near the bottom are correct and are bigger at the top, whereas the ones near the top of the photo are weird. I'm too irritated to frog it. so, I'll just do it correctly from here on out. It's only less than half of ONE front and it will most likely be obscured when the whole number is tied up anyway.

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Kar said...


that one has 3...

i'll check randomly but you may have to buy a few here and a few there to finish this up :(