The new Knitty is full of kids clothes and socks...and maybe one very cute tank and a kind of strange-looking cardigan (thing) that I'd wear. What the fuck is up with that? I'm really disappointed in Knitty and may do something harsh and irrational...like remove it from my bookmarks for all eternity!!

On another rant...I feel so sick of knitting lately. I get to the armholes of the breezy jacket thing I'm working on and I notice that I'm almost out of yarn...AGAIN. So, I'm going to have to start a new ball (that's ball #3) on the back. I only bought 5 one-and-three-fourths-ounce balls (as the pattern told me to do) and if I use three of them on the back, that leaves only two for BOTH fronts AND THE SLEEVES! I bought this yarn ON SALE, at a store that CLOSED down, and I took the last of what they had anyway. It was on the sale rack which probably means that it is discontinued and I will be shit out of luck. I HATE KNITTING RIGHT NOW.

Maybe by some strange miracle two balls will be enough to complete the fronts and sleeves...maybe...maybe...

Maybe I'll be able to find more yarn online if two balls ISN'T enough...maybe...maybe...

So, should I just keep working on it anyway?? AHHHH!!

I want to start sewing more...because knitting is basically giving me a heart attack right now, but I have to start with stupid little things that i don't want to make before doing things that I DO want to make. I want to make this...NOW. Too bad I can't afford a four dollar pattern and fabric right now.

I need to replace the needle I'm using for the cable cardigan (the one that broke). I'll probably do that tonight...maybe I'll get excited about knitting again.

I'm not really excited about anything anymore, to be honest.

OH, and the best part of all is that I can feel a fresh pimple popping painfully out from under my nose. FUCK YOU, face, seriously

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Kar said...

how was 300? and wheres the blog about our fabulous knit night?