I'm sort of proud of myself lately. I can feel my life...coming together...in a way. I don't know. I faxed out my resume on Friday night. It takes a lot out of me to do stuff like that...I know that most people do it all the time...it's just something that you do when you're looking for a job. It's just something...you...do...but it's always hard for me to put myself out there. I don't know. Last week, I filled out all the online forms and talked to the nice lady on the phone in order to consolidate my federal student loans. Also, I've written and mailed a check for said loans (still un-consolidated) in the amount I am overdue. So, that should all be in order now. I filled out and faxed the form that will allow me to lower my monthly payments on my private student loans last night. So, I'm feeling pretty good about that, too.

My life is so great...in a sublimely normal kind of way. Even though I get a little high strung and stressed out at times...I know I'm happy. It's a good feeling.

I "cleaned" today. The bunny ears mean that I did my best before I started to feel burnt-out. I also started to put stuff into our entertainment center. I'm sort of diggin' this setup:

What do you think? Oh yeah, there's no TV...because it doesn't fit...but it doesn't matter because we don't get ANY channels anyway (no antennae). Oh, and I'm not doing black and brown...the entertainment center is a super dark brown...so it's brown and brown, which is...of course...OK. Look at the coolness that is my record player right now. I love that scenes like this are an everyday occurrence in my home:

I've done some knitting (not today...yet). I've finished five cable pattern repeats now. Only three more to go!

Yes, that's a Journey album.

I looked through the book, Fitted Knits, and love it...want to buy it. However, I get the feeling that the writer is a little bit keyhole crazy. I swear...if you've looked through the book, there are about a million keyhole details. But most of it is very cute...cute enough for me to buy.

I'm going to get a better look at that Jaguar tonight when The Russian gets off work. I know that I won't be able to get a car loan given my current financial situation. I'm not sure if we will be able to work anything out. But my mommy told me I would be stupid if I didn't try to get it. So, I'm going to try...I don't have a license yet, but neither do 13 year old celebrities with three Bentley's in their name...so it must be possible. :)

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Kar said...

it can't hurt to try and get the car! you aren't looking at driving long distances so you don't need a super reliable car unlike me who has to drive to see her fiance :( but that may change...anywho, i want to see pictures of the dresses :)