I have this heavy, nervous feeling...but in a good kind of way. It's as though I am preparing myself for something big and good. Have you ever felt that way?? There's a lot on my mind and I haven't done much knitting. My sweater looks the same as it did in the photos from yesterday...meaning, I haven't knit a single stitch in over 48 hours. I may knit some tonight or tomorrow...I might not. I'm allowed to let go of it for a while, I think.


Kar said...

and yes i've had that feeling, but i wish that someone would call me and tell me they want to interview me and then hire me!

mariko's going back to japan and apparently has a car...you should call her see what she wants for it!

and david's is having another 99 sale...if you want to go some night next week i'm in...even if it's just for giggles!

Kar said...

i just read your comments...knfriel@gmail.com