A confession

I broke my rule of working on one project at a time. I know, I know!! It didn't last very long. I have an excuse. If I were to work on only one project right now, I would not be knitting very often...and that's that. While I think the cables are cool and all, it kills my hands and neck to work on it for more than one repeat (actually, one repeat take a lot out of me, but I force myself to complete it). So, I started the next project in my line-up. I showed you this picture before:

Here's what I have so far:

That's the start of the back. It's just plain old stockinette. So, it doesn't kill my hands like the cables.

DON'T WORRY. I have not given up on the cables. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP. It's just a slow moving, ongoing kind of thing. Although, I hope I can finish it before it turns too warm to wear it. It's VERY bulky because of the yarn I chose. I probably should have gone for a cotton yarn instead. WHATEVER.

In fact, once I finish the final cable repeat for the back of the Cable Cardigan, I will put down my second project...it's just plain stockinette after the 8 1/2 th repeat. I don't know why I'm making excuses. I'm allowed to knit whatever the hell I want, right?

I'm on my second cup of coffee with zero food intake. I'm going to go take care of that now.

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Kar said...

how pretty....i want to start a new knitting project but i want the knit picks needle collection...and i'm asking for that for my birthday, so i'm kinda waiting to get that! then i want to start making more fun stuff...and i totally feel you on the job thing...it sucks...i'm still awaiting a call...anxiously!