Something to say

I say (and deep down, I mean) that seaming a garment really sucks. But actually, when it is going smoothly...I kind of like it...on the surface...but deep down I really hate it...really.

But you know...it's all right...not so bad...it would be a lot better if I actually thought the garment looked good...

I think my stitches look sloppy around where the ribbing is. I thought that the "sloppiness" would go away once I blocked it, but that didn't prove to be the case. Max, at least, thinks it looks nice...and he had better think so, because he's not getting another sweater for a long time.

What's left to do? Well, I need to seam up one side of the body and arm...knit up a collar...find the right zipper...and figure out how in the world to attach it. So, there are still a few days worth of work left on this sucker. This makes for an unhappy Jessica, who wants to start a sweater for herself sometime soon!

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