No, it isn't finished yet

Max's sweater is coming along. I think that I used the wrong yarn...although it is super soft and very nice...it doesn't have that structured feel that the Cambridge Jacket is supposed to have...Oh well, maybe it will be ok once it's all finished.

All that is left now is the crochet edging, a few (very few) loose ends, and a zipper. I thought that I would finish the edging tonight and at least find a zipper this evening...but I've come down with quite a headache and I decided it would be best for my health if I just...let it go for a while. I can worry about all of that stuff tomorrow. No need to rush this thing anymore...because it is basically finished. After it is COMPLETELY finished, I think I may take a knitting break for a few days and let my neck and shoulders relax a bit. Knitting is some seriously strenuous stuff sometimes. But don't worry, even if I do take a knitting break, I may still decide to knit a swatch or two for future projects...swatches aren't really considered knitting, right?

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Kar said...

love it! it really looks fab...and who cares if you think you used the wrong yarn! i think you should just be quiet because you're an awesome knitter...adn i can't wait until i try crazy sweaters like you...