Da BearSS...didn't win

I bought that sweatshirt...I wore it all day...I pretended I was a sports fan...I sat in a loud smoky bar and drank an Alabama Slammer...I DID ALL THE RIGHT THINGS!!!! And the Bears DIDN'T win the Superbowl! What's up with that? I even cheered and clapped at the appropriate moments...nothin'...just a whole lotta loss...a whole lotta loss.

But really, I guess it's ok...it would have been nice for Chicago if the Bears had won...I'm just sayin'...I sort of feel Chicago deserves it because they've got more heart...I don't know...maybe I'm wrong.

The good thing about it all was that I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while...HERE ARE THE PICTURES (because I love pictures...but excuse how horrible I look in them...Max didn't seem to get a SINGLE good shot of me out of the fifty thousand shots he took that night...boys):

And when we knew they lost...I was sad:

On a lighter note. I've started the sleeves for the Cambridge Jacket...I'm working on both at the same time because I don't feel like counting rows anymore...and I'm getting impatient with this sweater. I want to finish it soon so that the Russian can wear it...and I can start a sweater for myself! Here are the fronts and the back, sitting on the dining room table.

Not too bad, eh? Oh, I made that thing holding my needles...funny story. I intended to make a single fold needle case with I-cord ties...but then I sewed it all up and forgot to put the ties (and something to give it more shape) in before seaming it all together. So, now I have a roll (but only when I tie it up with an unattached piece of yarn/string). Although, Max had a good suggestion...he thought it might be nice as a wall hanging in the craft room!! I think I will use it for that as soon as that room is finished. I don't want to hang things up in there until I know for sure where the as-of-now-nonexistent furniture will be.

That's all for now...more to come later!

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Kar said...

it was very sad...sorry i couldn't be there...but i was visiting the david...and he'll come visit me more when wrestling season is over!! and then it seems that we may be moving farther away :( so it will be random when i'll get out this way...but it just makes more sense right now...and we're thinking of buying instead of renting...but then we may move the year after...and i don't know if that will work right for us or not! yuck! well this is almost a blog...oh and i think we're having a wednesday night lost party here...though i'm kicking you out at 10pm sharp! i get tired!! anywho talk to you soon!