Not alone in this insanity!

So, I'm going to share some pictures to prove that I'm not only knitting alone. We've started a small knitting/learn to knit group with a few girls at work. Eventually, we want to knit squares for a blanket for charity, which we will seam and send to a family/community that needs it. Since it's Starbucks, we want to send it to one of the countries we get coffee from. I think it's a great idea (it was all Assistant Manager Katie!). However, none of us are knitting any squares yet. I think everyone is still sort of excited to be knitting and are more focused on scarves right now! :) I don't blame them. Knitting is fun and a square won't take too long to knit once they get the basics down.

So, without further ado...the photos:

We went to Ethel's chocolate cafe this time around. It was such a cute little shop...and during the day it is basically empty. I don't know if that changes after 5 or not.

The Russian came too:

Anyway. I'm working on the sweater. I think I've decided to knit both of the sleeves at the same time....since I have multiple hanks of the lovely Ultra Alpaca yarn still left over! I think it will move faster that way. Then I can start a sweater for myself! One project at a time has been KILLING me...but I think I've been a lot more productive.

BLAH!!!! I need to get ready for work.

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