An almost FO

So, I've been working on an entrelac scarf made out of some really nice silk yarn...only one skein (which, by the way, I pronounce "skeen" and NOT "skane") because it was the most expensive yarn I have EVER purchased...and the yarn store people told me it would be enough for a scarf. Well, it does seem to be enough for a scarf...but not a long one...and I LIKE long ones. Anyway...it'll still serve as a bit of luxury for my neck even if it isn't what I'd normally go for, fashionably speaking.

Currently, it is blocking (and yes, I stretched it until I feared it might rip). So, tomorrow morning, I'll take out those pins, wrap silk around my neck and try to organize the condo.

So, I've been thinking very obsessively about cleaning lately. I haven't actually ACTED on my cleaning urges, but more and more each day, I fantasize about putting on rubber gloves and just GOING AT a few things. I really don't want to be the type of person who vacuums every day and scrubs at corners with a toothbrush...but at the same time, I DO want to be one of those people who vacuum weekly and toothbrush scrubs, I don't know, once a month? I've been trying so hard to become more organized, but I need more furniture (a bookcase, TV stand, and desk would be nice). I need another trip to IKEA and The Container Store...aaah, The Container Store, my heart pines for you.

So, that's my insanity. It's after midnight and I think I'm about to start CLEANING! Tomorrow, I will have an FO to show off, even if I end up not really liking it. It's always exciting to finish something.

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