It's time

I've really been putting this off for long enough and now, I have no excuses left but my laziness. I need to get moving on finding a full-time job.

I am now officially (as of maybe a week ago) a real live graduate of North Central College (bought and paid for thanks to Max). So, I have no reason to put off job applications with the excuse, "well, TECHNICALLY, I am not really a graduate..." blah, blah, blah, because now I TECHNICALLY am one. I guess I really need to start deciding what it is I really want to do about being a grown-up. My friend told me to apply where she works, and I keep saying that I will...but is it what I REALLY want? And do I really need to care about what I REALLY want right now when I'm on the verge of being unable to pay off my student loans? Shouldn't I just get a job where I can and worry about what I want later? I mean, seriously, it wouldn't be HORRIBLE working with friends, would it? LOL :) Not horrible at all, really...and it would be a steady schedule with steady pay...and I'd still work at Starbucks for a while too, because I really love it there.

OK...so, when my friend comes over tonight to learn how to KNIT!!!!, I will have to talk to her about her company a little and have her hold my hand as I possibly fill out the application online...if there are even any openings right now...who knows?

I have some pictures to post, too. When I spent New Years weekend in the City, I went to a yarn store:

It's sort of hard to tell I'm in a yarn store because I'm in the book section, but whatever...it's true. I need to talk to Max about taking "appropriate" photos.

At that yarn store in the city I bought one skein (and one skein only) of Great Big Silk because it cost me about $40. They told me they thought one skein would be enough for a scarf...so I trusted them. I started making this:

That's right, it's entrelac. I was inspired to learn how to do it by seeing tons of gorgeous Lady Eleanors made by other knitters. However, this yarn changes colors so quickly that within one block I get just about every color in the skein instead of creating the illusion of gradually changing blocks of color...whatever...I still think it looks cool and feels heavenly...as it should for 40 bucks a pop. I WILL knit with silk again in the future...maybe after that full-time job comes my way.

Entrelac is completely addicting. I'm not even sure if I'm really picking up the stitches correctly and still I can't stop. It could be the yarn too.

I've signed up for Project Spectrum this year. It's hosted by the same person who did Soctoberfest, which was a lot of fun (except for the fact that I'm cursed when it comes to knitting socks). Check out that link, it seems pretty cool and you don't have to be a knitter to do it (ehem, Kara). It starts in February, so I still have time to figure out what I'm doing for each segment. There is a time for Pink...I do plan on using that time to finish that godforsaken pink shrug and the swallowtail shawl I've been hiding away for months now.

That's enough of an entry for now.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have pictures of me teaching a crocheting friend how to knit. That should be fun!

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Kar said...

So i'm still working on the scarf....but excited that i can do both now! i got the new knit picks catalog and the lion brand catalog...but i saw this shawl in it and thought that it'd be easy for you to make for wedding gifts! it's crochet and probably easy...just a thought!