Plans for the day

Since I just got up a half-hour ago...I need to get a move on my day. I have finished the scarf (it's blocking and drying), so I don't really have any "pressing" knits to work on...of course, I have a few backburnered ones I should probably cease neglecting. Whatever.

1. I must give George his shot
2. I must take a shower and blow dry my hair
3. I must put a load of dishes in the dishwasher
4. I must collect garbage and take it out
5. I must vacuum just about every room in the house
6. SWIFFER the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms
7. Hit up the piggy bank for some quarters and throw in a load of laundry...????
8. Clean countertops, faucets, etc...
10. Work on something that you haven't touched in ages (knitting, of course).

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