It's really that close?

Really? We don't even have a tree up yet! Well, no...that's not true:

We were planning on getting a tree soon, but we aren't sure when we will have time...I even bought some ornaments at IKEA.

This post really kind of sucks today...I can't think of anything to blog about. I'm getting so close to being finished with the Jawbreaker Cardigan.


I have the back and the two fronts blocked and ready to seam.


I have two sleeves completed!

But that's not all...I have started the seaming (I have one side finished already)...and I came to realize that I really suck at seaming. The side looks "Ok"...as does the underarm area...but where the sleeve is attached to the sides???? Complete and Utter shit. I think I'll take that part out and try it again using a different method. I just did whipstitch for that part, but you can totally see the stitches and that's not cool. I'll try to figure something out. If anyone knows a good way to seam sleeve caps...PLEASE send me a link or something so that I can make this look somewhat nice!

Also, on the Jawbreaker front...I worked that damned collar from start to FINISH and realized that I also suck at picking up stitches along a neckline...it looked all wonky and, well, stupid. So, I ripped it the hell out and decided it will still look nice without the collar. I didn't take a picture of the horrible collar, but trust me...it would have made you laugh...and laugh...and laugh.

All this pain and suffering for a sweater? I can't take it any longer! I need something small that I can work in the round and finish in a few days! I need to make a trip to Knitche for the yarn and needles for this darling (the Tweed Beret from the latest Interweave...it's near the bottom of that page I linked to)

Michelle, if you read this blog (I really don't know), I think I found the perfect pattern for your stupid Christmas present...but it's in Japanese and may end up being more of a "New Year's present" than a Christmas one. I won't see her until then anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

I'm also in the process of thinking of presents for other people. I'm not getting everyone something, just my mom, grandparents, and brother, mainly...I've got them all figured out. We want to get something for Max's parents too, but can't decide on what.

That's all for today...Maybe the next post will have pictures of me wearing the sweater!


Anonymous said...

I use mattress stitch. I think its the nicest looking seam, and as for a sleeve cap I start seaming from the top center and go down the sides towards the armhole.

Kar said...

yay!! sweater!! i have to make a doggie one for my brother's dog...i've found a decent one at doggoneknit. but not sure if i like it!