An FO!!!!

I finished my Jawbreaker Cardigan!...or I finished it to the point that I am almost completely satisfied with it.

Here are some pics:

I really think it's cute...even without the collar. I think that mine is a bit smaller than the one in the magazine because the neck comes up higher on mine...but other than that, I think that the fit is fine! I think I might still add some sort of neckline...I may just decide to do a simple single crochet border to tidy up the edges in that area...it's sort of loose in some areas...BUT OTHER THAN THE POSSIBILITY OF THAT IT'S AN FO!!!!

I also cast on for the tweed beret that I mentioned in my last post. It's going to be a deep purple color and hopefully will also be very cute! I'm already a bit over halfway done!

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Kar said...

how cute!! i have to do a doggie sweater before christmas...i need to update...