It's funny...and good, I guess

I've been frequenting knitting blogs for a long time now. I seldom leave comments, but DO from time to time. One thing that I noticed going on in all of the blogs I read is CHRISTMASNESS. You know...lots and lots of talking about Christmas...what are their plans...what they are painstakingly making for their loved ones...etc...

Then I think about what MY Christmas will be like...and to be honest...I really don't know! I thought that Max and I would be driving down to see my grandparents in Southern Illinois (this is what I most want to do, considering that they love me and I them...and who knows if I'll have another Christmas with them...they're in their nineties, after all), but of course, we haven't solidified any plans yet. CHRISTMAS IS IN ONLY A FEW DAYS! We need to make a commitment and have SOME SORT OF PLAN. That's it! I'm talking to Max tonight and we are deciding ONCE AND FOR ALL what are Christmas plans are! And that's FINAL.

My presents for family sort of suck, I think...and I haven't gotten ANYTHING for my kid brother...and I really don't want to leave him out, it happens to him with the family ENOUGH as it is. I don't know. I'm off work at 2 tomorrow...maybe when Max gets off work we will brave the insanity that is last minute Christmas shopping in America. Hopefully, I won't be mugged by a little old bitty for taking the last gift card somewhere.

Anyway, I guess the holiday will be nice regardless of what we do. I know that I'm going to miss my family and want to do some celebrating. I know there won't be much celebrating around here. I'll not go into it...

I'll probably blog again before the holidays...and will most likely have another FO to show off tomorrow or the next day.

Ciao, bellas!

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