I never thought I'd say something like this

but, I am dreaming...of even smaller needles. My first pair of needles was a size 10 or something...and I would see those tiny needles (meaning size 5's...not small at all, by the way) and I would go, "shit, I'll never be able to use something so small." Now, the smallest needles I've used is a size 2...and when I bought those I went, "Shit, size 2 is tiny...this is as small as I'll be able to go." Lately, however, I have caught myself saying, "I think a sock made with size 0's would be a tighter knit and in the end much more comfy and stylish...more like 'real' socks you buy in the store...hmmm." For those of you who do not know, the smaller the number, the thinner the needle. So 0=really friggin' skinny! I have some nice, alpaca (it's pink too) yarn just waiting to be used. I was thinking about making a shawl with it...but now that I'm trying to get into socks...it just might be turned into a pair of those...made with size 0's! I know I'm not the only crazy one, though...there is a whole universe of knitters (and bloggers) out there who totally understand where this insanity comes from.

Wow, that was a lot of talk...I just needed to get it off my chest. Phew. My snowflake sock has doubled in size...no pictures of it, though...sorry. I haven't touched my pink shrug since my last post. I am not sure if I will get any knitting in today. I have to make a Nagoya guide in time for the Study Abroad Fair at NCC. I am helping out with the fair and making the guide to fulfill the service project part from my scholarship I recieved for studying abroad. Although, I would totally help out even if I weren't required to do so because studying abroad was the greatest time of my life...I want to encourage other youngsters to do the same! :)

I've been thinking a lot about how my life has turned out to be much better than I had ever really believed it would be. Part of me thought, when I was younger, that I would never be in love (or engaged), never leave St. Louis (not that I don't love St. Louis...it's just sort of an economic hole), never graduate from college, never be happy. But the thing is...I am so happy now and I don't know who to thank other than my family (that means Max, too) and God. I know it's totally sappy, but it's sort of been on my mind all morning. I still have some "issues," but I'm doing all right. Enough "sharing" for now! Yuck!

I'll blog again soon...as soon as some knitting goes on!

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