Another photoless post

Here I am again...blogging about knitting, but too lazy to take a picture. I knit today from the time I woke up today (around 11) until just a few minutes ago (10ish pm). My hands hurt. I know I said I'd cool it with the knitting for a while, but I just couldn't stop. I got so into the flow of this sock that I didn't even realize how long I was sitting there all hunched over holding five tiny needles in my two hands. I guess I just thought those little spasms in my hands...or those couple of times they just stopped moving when I wanted them to altogether...were only because my hands were "out of practice," as they say. No, I guess that wasn't it at all...it was because they were rightfully exhausted.

Well anyway...I have learned to love socks now. That's the point of this post. I have completed the cuff, the leg, the heel flap...I have turned the heel. I have finished the gussets and instep...and it all looks really nice...just take my word for it. I don't know if anyone remember how dissapointed I was in my last socking attempt. It was mostly because of the heel...short rows...I still can't wrap my mind around the concept. I was pleased to find that this sock did not require short rows in the heel! I tried the sock on and the heel fit quite nicely and, more important to ME, LOOKS LIKE I FEEL IT IS SUPPOSED TO!! I have pretty much decided that heel flaps and gussets are the thing for me! And top down socks, while not as easy to try on as you go, have proven to be much more satisfying!

Thank goodness I gave socks another chance! Now, I KNOW I'll finish the pair and start another sock soon!

((((I'll give ya some pictures tomorrow))))


Maxim Khailo said...

Although I am not sure what all those tricky sockery names were (except heal), It sounds like socks are your friends again. I am glad because I need socks, and being my fiance (how do you spell this word), you should knit me some women! Oh wait, never mind, I am not one of those women hating/loving men. How about this, knit me some socks, and I will do something like widdle some wood....and make a huge ass amour influenced woddy teddy bear. Keep up the awsome work! I am joulous of your skilled hands....

Maxim Khailo said...

I...I am sorry...I got caried away with thy english language...sorry