Yes, I put on pink tights

and I would like to say that I did it because the pink highlights the pattern in the sock...or that I am just wearing layers because it is sort of cold. However, the truth is that I only put those pink tights on for the sake of a photograph in order to hide my icky hairy legs...when you start wearing jeans everyday instead of a skirt or shorts, you sort of forget about that whole "shaving" thing.

But anyway...here's the sock!

I am really proud of it so far. I can't wait to start another pair! Wait...I must finish this one first. But in the spirit of starting new socks...I'll share a few of the patterns I have queued up in the meantime. There's this one...I just love it...part of me wants to make it in the same red color as the designer did for the photoshoot (she's really talented by the way). The only issue is, it is toe-up...and appears to have short rows...ick!! Another sock I want to make is actually by the same designer and can be found here. Part of me is really digging these socks, but I would definitely use a different color. I love, love, love, this sock pattern found on a bloggers page. I am currently scouring the internet for man's sock pattern for my future hubby, Max...what do we think of these? Or I could just wing a pair for the boy after I have a few sock FO's under my belt...that would certainly make them more special...being made with my own pattern. Well, anyway, that's a lot of sock business for one post...and a lot of links too.

Let's take off our socks for a moment and think about yarn. I have decided that I am taking trip to Joann's today to buy myself one of these. The website seems to sell wool too, but I'm not sure if it will be any good...I guess it's worth a try and not nearly as expensive as buying it from one of the many "farms" (I guess it's a farm, right? even without corn) that are selling them through their online shop pages. Well, whatever. I would of course want to buy a book to help me out along the way...so, I guess I'll make a trip to B&N too...I should get my tip money to pay for all of this...I don't really want to touch my bank account. Anyway, I like the idea of a drop spindle. I have always wanted to try my hand at spinning, but wheels are so expensive...I never even thought to do it the way the whole world was doing it before the 1500's! It should be fun...with lots of swearing.

That's all for today!

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