Why do I fool myself?


And not this:

is the story of my life.

That is one repeat of the Rose Lace Pattern completed...looking all torn apart and remarkably like shit.

Here's what the horrible peice of trash looks like as a whole:

Do you see how this:

Isn't going to look like this in a million years (and how I have utterly failed at knitting...ONCE AGAIN)?:




Delia said...

Don't get discourgaed.... I can't tell you how many times I effed up my first significant lace project!!

Anonymous said...

hey, cheer up, I would never be able to do what you do, knitting is hard and it takes time. if you have to start over then just strat over. get it done or don't thats what I say. no compllaining on the way. k well keep it up and don't forget to :)

Kar said...

um...which pictures are yours and which are the good ones?? i'm confused, but don't get mad...it'll be ok, you're great!