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So, we decided it would be best if I were to just put the pointy objects down (away from my eyes) and just sleep on the knitting problem. When I got off of work today, I felt calm enough (after a nice long nap) to tackle the frogging (which I always avoid doing at all costs) of my shrug. I'm still terrified to talk about it...it was that scary. However, I didn't lose any stitches along the way and the peice-o-junk looks much better than yesterday...Although, I still see something is "off" with it.

BUT MAYBE IT ISN'T MY FAULT? I do not know. I have now knitted the last 9 rows of this repeat...twice...always counting my stitches and checking that I made YO's where I was supposed to...etc... Yet, at the end of certain rows, it seems that I have an extra stitch on the left needle that shouldn't be there. I DON'T GET IT. I go back and I count the stitches before it, checking YO's, K2tog's, PSSO's (what have you) and it all matches up! So, what gives, man? The way that I "fix" this problem is just to decrease a stitch somewhere, because I don't know any fancy fixing techniques as of yet. However, as you can probably see from the images, it caused my stitches to shift to the right, making it look a little bit "jogged"--most unappealing in lace, I say.

I may decide tomorrow to take it apart...again...and knit it back up...again...But today, I just don't feel like it. I may just decide that things are fine the way they are...but I can tend to be a perfectionist...so, chances are, I'll be frogging again first thing in the morning.

Because I blogged in anger yesterday (I should really save blogging for when I have a cleared mind...maybe after some green tea or something), I forgot to mention the most important part of the day. Yesterday was my 4-year anniversary with my boyfriend, the non-drinking Russian philosopher, artist, and musician (*hehee...I like to leave out all of that boring "software development" business). I asked off all weekend, so, we will have all kinds of time to spend together. I'm sure he has plans already set up for us...he's like that.

Here's my favorite picture...I think this was during either our first or second year together:

Max, I'm sorry I forgot us in our blog yesterday...do you forgive me? Will you still give me an anniversary present? LOL ;P wink, wink.

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Kar said...

wow...max looks so young in that picture!! congrats on the 4 years...is it something shiny? that starts with an R and has something in it that starts with a D?? hope that all made sense...i need to blog soon...and i'm going to put up pictures next week!! yay!! oh and me and jess showed up on some ncc give me money crap...does max still work in the napertizzi??