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So, it's been a while since I had a real life post (that means with pictures) about my projects.

I have been working on the pink lacey shrug. I was all excited about it because I was doing everything right. I was finally getting the hang of the whole "lace thing." And then came the third repeat of the Rose Garland chart and...well...I don't know what happened. Here...this is how all three repeats are supposed to look:

and here is how the last of the three ended up:

I just decided to leave it as it was...who would notice anyway, right? It still looks like lace to me! So, now I am finished with the Rose Garland chart and have moved on to the Rose Lace chart. I am only two rows into it because I do not want to rush myself through it. I would hate to have come this far only to have to take it all apart and start over! So, wish me luck with the difficult lace to come!

I have not worked on the blue cabley scarf, but I fully intend to do so today. The weather has started to get a bit chilly. So, I should finish it before Winter comes.

Someone surprised me with a wonderful knitting book. It is called Romantic Style and has some absolutely lovely patterns in it. They are quite lacey, but I won't be able to make any of them for a while (that no-yarn oath)...so, I'll have time to make other lacey things with the yarn I have as practice. Here are a few of the patterns I want to try out from the book:

I'm sideways! :)

My final bit of news today is that yesterday I finished a purse for myself. I like to call it my Country Cute Bag. I got the fabric on sale at Joann's for $1 a yard (the plaid) and $2 a yard (the yellow).

My favorite part of the bag is these buttons I picked out for it. I think they are a nice touch.

Well, that's all for today. I'll blog again soon!

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MAKE ME A BACKPACK!!!!!!!ok you don't have to