My hands hurt

and for numerous reasons. So, a few days ago, I scraped my pinky finger and proceeded to bleed. I have a nice scab from it. The rest of my "injuries" are from today when I slammed my thumb in a drawer at work (I guess I thought it was a good idea) and then from when I poured hot coffee onto my hand (which I regretted immediately). Luckily, the burn was no biggie, but the slammed thumb is all sore and bruised under the nail. Lots of fun...and nice to look at.

But I guess the real reason that my hands hurt is because from the time I got home from my 5am shift today, I knitted on that effin' shirt I was talking about in my previous post. I knitted until the Russian came home (about an hour later than usual) and then a little bit more after that. I am still not done, but I just couldn't do it anymore.

I took it off of the needles (in a safe way) and tried it on. Luckily, it fit across my shoulders and wasn't TOO tight in the armholes (as I was quite worried about that from the way it looked). It was a bit tighter than it is supposed to be (the sample in the store was much bigger and it was a size small--mine's a LARGE). This means that I have made a much much tighter shirt and, while it may still look good on me, it in some way ceases to be the shirt that I wanted/intended to make. But I am just so excited that it is almost done that this doesn't bother me very much. But next time, I'll be so much more careful about my yarns and needles, as that was probably the main issue here. But still, Rowan, I hate your guts and go to hell...you cost too much. $66 dollars for a sweater plus the work and time it takes to make it? I don't think so, sugar.

Speaking of Rowan, I'm reminded of a movie...Wickerman...starring Nicholas Cage. We saw it last night and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The girl in the movie that his character was searching for was named Rowan...and my first thought was "yarn." This proves only one thing...that I have something I actually enjoy doing, which keeps me out of trouble. Although, I must say that while I knit I watch all kinds of brain rotting television on E!. It's mainly just background noise...something to ground me.

Here are some bad pictures of my shirt progress. The first one is better at showing the shape (if you can call it that) and the second is better at showing the colors (which I love):

It all sort of looks like a sloppy blob right now, doesn't it? But it will actually turn out to be something somewhat nice in the end...when it's finished and I do some cheating here and there to make things look right. Part of what makes knitting fun for me is actually seeing something develop. I'm sure I could get all philosophical here and make some sort of relation to real life...but the thing is...knitting isn't real life for me. Knitting is make-believe.

Enough of that baulderdash. It's all boloney (spelled that way on PURPOSE). I'm sleeply and have another 5AM tomorrow.

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Kar said...

so i totally left you a comment yesterday...wtf?! anywho what's the big news?? we repainted eureka last night and she looks ghetto, but hey it's done, i miss you and the russian!! i'm going to write a blog about my first attempt at a pattern...