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When I woke up today at 4:30 in the effin' morning to go to work (Starbucks...I have a love/hate relationship with you!), I almost felt rested. Now, (without a nap, at 9:47 PM) I am beginning to feel a leeetle tired. I am not too tired to blog, however. So, here goes.

I'll start out with the knitting, since that is what this blog is supposed to be about. I have not made too much progress on my scarf, for a number of reasons...the biggest one being that I broke my rule about no new projects. And before anyone scolds me for starting something new, I would just like to say...yeah, I know and I'm sorry, but if it makes you feel any better...I suck.

No, I mean I must really suck at this whole knitting thing. I went to the LYS (I'm being cool, using acronyms) to find a simple pattern for a shirt of some kind and I spent forEVER trying to find something simple while still being cutesy (as I like things to be). I found one and I have started to make it...twice...and I may have to start again. Here's the skinny: the pattern called for a million and a half balls of Rowan holiday. First of all, Rowan, kiss my ex-trailer trash asshole...you cost too much. I conveyed that sentiment (more nicely, of course) to the salespeople, who were very kind to help me find an alternative yarn...from the sale section at $4 a skein. Guess what! It's the same yarn I'm using for my scarf only in different colors (in this case a dark red and brown--me and horizontal stripes are BFF)!

Back to the sweater...I completed 15 rows in the medium size (because of the yarn and needle change). This brought me to the point where I was supposed to cast off the sleeves (it is a sleeveless-so-to-speak kind of garment), which I did. However, I began to worry as what I saw before me looked like it might fit a Kid Sister doll. So, I ran upstairs to do a mirror check on the genuine article (Yours Truely) and decided that it just wasn't going to work. Damn it.

That's ok. I'll just start again, a size larger and things will be ok. Well, I did that...and now I'm back to the cast-off stitches for the sleeves. Again, I have worries...Knitting really sucks. Maybe it's fine. I just don't know. I have decided to keep going on this thing as it is. There is a chance that I just don't understand how these things are supposed to look and it is actually going the way it is supposed to. So, under that assumption, I will carry on. If it ends up in disaster, I'll cry myself to sleep for a few nights and make a teddy bear to put it on. You do what you have to do. At least the yarn was cheap...I guess ripping it all apart and starting over is another option, but I just don't have the patience for that sort of thing right now. BUT IT MIGHT BE FINE AS IT IS SO I WILL TALLY FORTH...all right?

I don't have any pictures of my disaster of a sweater start...although, it would not be too trying a task to take a few. I'm just so mad at the sweater that I don't want to take a picture of it to show to anyone until it starts behaving. Straighten up and fly right, punk! I do love the striping and I do love the yarn, though.

I haven't worked on the quilt in a long time...or done any sewing.

In life news, I have a meeting with my Japanese professor tomorrow. I am supposed to have the complete application for my independent study ready...and a few sources for my paper. I don't have any of the above. I am just going to wake up early and work all day on it. I don't meet with her until 4:00. That's PLENTY of time.

In other life news, I have a lot on my mind and am trying to keep a level head about things. My mom is having big money problems...again. My high school-aged cousin may be facing up to four years in prison (don't ask, it's stupid). My brother is...my brother...and I love him to death, but, DAMN. Knitting is supposed to keep me sane, but in the end only leads to a great deal of swearing (but seriously, what is UP with this sweater!? LoL). In other words, I'm tired.

The final bit: I have a few other things I need to work on...NOT knitting or craft related...but I never do it. Something is holding me back from it...nevermind.

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Kar said...

sorry i haven't commented in awhile!! or blogged, i'm going to right now though...good luck with it all, i hate taking things apart and doing them all over again and not wanting to do anything crochet related...i don't know why. anywho feel better and i thought your independent study was over the summer??