Competing with myself

So, I am sitting here wondering how I will ever live up to yesterday's post. I mean, wow. It was really long and had tons of pictures. In a days time, I haven't really done much more crafting....but I did make something....a complete something....an adorable something (as I tend to enjoy cuteness)...a soft something. I made it and love it and I left it sitting on my sewing desk when I went to work this morning. When I came home, I saw that my adorable something had gotten his attention. I found this:

Yes, my adorable something....a dopey bear I'm calling Willie...maybe a little bit creepy, especially when he is lying precariously next to sharp objects (in this case pins and needles). It was not my intention to have such a creepy display....I promise. Here are some better pictures of Willie....he has a little sumpin' sumpin' on the back for ya.....

I have tons of felt in lots of colors, so I think there may be more little Willie's on the way! I may even sell a few...if anyone is interested in buying them... (hint, hint, wink, wink...)

In knitting news: I am chuggin' along on my pretty blue chunkified cabley scarf. I have started thinking about what I will back it with. I may just use fleece, because it is thick and i wouldn't have to worry about seaming the edges, just cut and attach. I think fleece is the best option, although satin would be lovely. If anyone who reads this (and if anyone does, remind me...why aren't you leaving comments again?) knows how to sew fabric onto knitted objects, I am open for suggestions and tips!

Anyway, here is my progress on the scarf...modeled by the Russian (no, it isn't for him, but I thought I'd make his gorgeous butt useful...you're welcome for the compliment, honey). My hands really hurt from all the knitting...yet, I felt like I wanted to do more yarning of some sort. I still do.

I'm really going to try to get some progress on the Short and Sweet Bolero for my friend. I tried to work on it today, but I could not for the life of me find my H. I don't know what the hell I did with it. Oh, by the way, here are a few pictures of me modeling the one that I made for myself ages ago:

I actually wear it in public quite often, even though the sleeves bug me as they do not quite "hang" the right way. Oh, by the way...am I vain or what?

I have done a bit of sewing, but not enough to really blog about. I want to give my machine a bit of a rest until I can get my hands on some oil for it. It is old and I really should not be using it at all without oiling it everyday...those old gears are probably rubbing quite a bit. So, that's my excuse for not getting a lot done on Quiltie McQuilt-face.

So...my thoughts and feelings (craft-related) for the day: I really want to knit some type of garment, but I want it to be easy while still being cute. I want to make something for MYSELF, but I feel like that's all I ever do and is selfish. So, I want to make a sweater for the Russian, but the sweater I like (Jolly Roger in the Happy Hooker) is half-double crochet, which seems like kind of a girly stitch to me...regardless of color and the presence of a skull and crossbones. I'd just like to make a simple, fast, but stylish man's sweater...no frills with a nice fitted look...If anyone has any suggestions for patterns or knows of a good one somewhere, please let me know... Oh and wait, there's that boyfriend sweater curse thing we knitters have to worry about...I'd be careful though... So, since the sweater thing didn't seem like it would work out, I thought maybe I'd work on the hat I was going to make for him, but I'd have to buy yarn and get really good at color knitting first...which will take me a while...so that one is out for the time being. Oh yeah, and there's that rule that I made that I would finish already happening projects before starting the next big thing...

It's just so boring though...I really love the feeling of starting new projects. I'm a junkie for it. I don't know what it is...Maybe it is a feeling similar to hope...when I start something new, I am not jaded by it. I haven't made any mistakes yet. The chances of it turning out great seem high. However, once a project gets going, I grow tired of it quickly. That high wears off and I loose interest and have to start something else. It's a problem I am dealing with. My name is Jessica, and I'm a project unfinisher...

I think that's all for now...have fun.

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