Let's see if photos work...and they do...one at a time

So, I have decided to try the photos again...and if they don't work today, I will probably start to scream my guts out at...someone...whoever's around...you know how it is. If it does end up working, everyone who reads this (one person) can clap and cheer for me.

Anyway, in knitting news: I have continued working on my pretty cabley blue scarf...YAY, A PICTURE LOADED! SO STOKED! Anyway...since photos are working now...here's a picture of my progress on the scarf:

Isn't it sort of chunky in a nice way? It's going to be as long as the amount of yarn I have for it. That's what I've decided. And did you see the cool compact in the picture for a size-comparison? I am the proud owner of a Physician's Formula talc-free mineral powder compact. I have always been eye-balling the Physician's Formula section at Walgreens...just wondering what it would be like to actually own some. I was so PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. I had no idea how cool these compacts really were. First of all, it has a cool marblyness that is nice...and it comes with a brush...NOT one of those cheap puff things...AND it is stored in its own compartment underneath with a mirror, WHICH...because it is in a separate compartment, does not get all dusty with powder....PURE GENIUS! I got it because when I am at work, my face gets pretty oily. I thought this might help tone some of it down.

In other knitting news: I have decided to give lace a rest for a while because it was really stressing me out and that's shouldn't be what knitting is about for me. I'm already high-strung. I don't need lace putting all sorts of stress on me. TOO MUCH PRESSURE, MAN! Lace, get off my BACK...for a while...then I'll try again. I need to actually finish something first. I have decided not to start anything new until I finish things I have already started.

The Breakdown: 1. The Chunkified Cabley Blue Scarf (my own pattern) 2. White Short and Sweet Bolero (from The Happy Hooker, for a friend--she's already forgotten about it, I'm sure) 3. A sock to match the first one that I made (whatever, man...maybe I'll just make a better pair...eff' this shit). 4. My quilt...(this isn't knitting, but It still needs to get done).

Anyway...here are some pictures of the stuff I got at the marketplace for the knitting convention:

This is some of that "six hanks for 5 bucks each" yarn. It's a nice soft yellow boucle type yarn that I don't know what to do with now that I realize it sucks for lace. (boucle and lace don't mix...nor does mercenized cotton and lace...or do I just suck? Maybe). Anyway, here's the picture:

And here's a picture of the other yarn that I got in order to make a lacy shrug:

Yes, it's a boob picture...and that was unintentional...but it actually sort of looks like I HAVE boobs in this picture...so, I like it and it stays right where it is...on my knitting blog.

And here are the books that I bought. The lace book is awesome, but like I mentioned earlier...lace is buggin' me...so I'll get to it later. The shrug I mentioned is in the Nashua pattern book. I can't wait to make it...but again...I'm waiting on lace for a while. What's up me lining up projects I'm not sure I can tackle?

So...what else do I need to show you? Oh yeah! My KICK ASS 1955 Singer Featherweight sewing machine! Just look at it! LOOK AT IT! It still friggin' works, man!

And look at what I'm making with it!

Does that not RIZZ-ock?! (don't ask why I threw that in). Ok, now for the dish about the quilt. One: I love the fabric(s) that I've chosen. Two: sewing is very fun (and much faster and satisfying with a sewing machine...and more than knitting, in some ways). Three: I've made two large squares consisting of 36 smaller squares, which will be connected with a simple spine in a contrasting purple floral fabric...I'm in love with my idea. Four: I have a problem that I hope I can squirm my way out of. My two large squares don't seem to be the same size...oops. I need to pay more careful attention to my seam allowances, I think. Hopefully the next one will be the same size as one of the two I have already made...If not, I have a serious problem and will officially suck at sewing FOREVER! Five: no five.

Anyway, that's all for now I guess. I would just like to say that the Johnny Cash album "A Hundred Highways" is almost the most depressing thing I've ever heard and I really really REALLY love it. I also really love the latest Tom Petty album. Both of these should be for sale at your local Starbucks! Go buy them! (shameless plug for the company that employs me) Oh, and Pumpkin Spice is BACK! Yummy!

Ok...anyone who is reading this...thank you for your time and please leave comments...I like comments. And if you leave one for me, I will visit YOUR blog and probably leave one for you too as a return favor...do I sound needy enough? LOL :0 I try.

Happy Crafting!


Kar said...

yay update! those look like awesome hanks of yarn...i'm going to go update my blog super soon :) Where'd you get the sewing machine?? looks uber cool!! i keep forgeting to find stuff for my new computer to upload pictures...i agree with the tech crap!! booo!!

Spring said...

awesome pics hun. hope you and your boy are doing well. I keep trying to join my space but it hates me and i have two jobs and no time to figure out what i am doing wrong lol. anyway, keep up the cool projects.