Ok...so for the past couple days I have been trying to update, but the effin' pictures won't load! The stupid connection keeps getting reset! I'm so pissed off that I decided I would delete everything I had written and saved as a draft in order to post this angry post.

I really wanted to post some damn pictures! I really wanted to show what I bought at that stupid knitting convention. I really wanted to show some of the little quilt square that I have started (it is now extremely large...since I have a sewing machine now). AND I REALLY WANTED TO SHOW A PICTURE OF MY 1955 Singer sewing machine!!!! BUT I CAN'T!!!! arg. (go ahead max, say it. I know you want to). I am so very frustrated and mad at technology.

And I work at 5:00 am tomorrow. I love my life (definite sarcastic tone).

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