Is it done!? Is it done!?

Holy shit, guys...I think I've just about finished my shirt...all but the weaving of ends! What do we think? I'm excited, even if it looks like poopy.

Today, I spent the day cleaning the room, doing laundry, paying some bills, knitting, listening to Mika Nakashima and Johnny Cash (totally different, I know), panicking about the future (I might have some huge news to talk about soon.... :p ), and drinking green tea with roasted brown rice (called genmai-cha). So tasty....give it a try....

The fall issue for Knitty is up and I must say that I feel disappointed in it AGAIN! I do love the wrap sweater, called Ivy. It is quite nice, but I'm not sure that it will work on my body type...while it IS a wrap, it has sort of a "grown-up body-type" feeling to me. Maybe I'm just crazy. The only other thing that I like is called Serrano. It's a nice lacey cardigan, but....it's lace....we know what lace and I do together. Ehem...anyway, Knitty, I really wish you would spend less time on socks and bags and spend more time on sweaters and the like.

If people haven't noticed, I've been playing with links in this post. How many of you actually clicked on them? Leave me a comment and let me know....wink, wink....lol.

Here are some pictures for you picture loving people.

This is my shirt! Yay for me!

This is other progress on other things! Like a clean room! Wires, boxes and un-hung pictures don't count against clean, by the way.

And a scarf that keeps getting longer!

And now I'm done writing!


Kar said...

big news?! do tell!! and i was going to update tonite but a giant dragon known as eureka needed to be fixed...and it sucked...we painted her and she looks kinda ghetto but fun at the same time...someone will buy her...but i didn't click on the links because it was about knitting, not crocheting...and you know i don't knit :( maybe someday though...

Kar said...

OOOH, so now my comment shows up..hope you're enjoying this! where at?? closer to all of us? is max still working at that one place??