I'm ready

I am running off of the high of a completed garment and now I feel that I am ready. I am ready to tackle this:

That's right...it's the lace shrug. Isn't it gorgeous? I have pink yarn already purchased for it (remember that 5 bucks a skein deal?). I've been thinking about casting on for it all day long, but I feel sort of scared to do it. I was reading the pattern and it seems MUCH easier than that lace scarf I pulled my hair out over, even with decreases and increases. The only thing that I am unsure of is how to cast onto a scrap yarn crochet chain. I will be looking that up online shortly. It also mentions some nonsense about leaving a long enough tail to cast off 86 stitches. Great, like I know how long that is. It looks like I will be wasting an incredible amount of yarn because I am afraid I'll not have enough to bind them off. Stupid punks, making me all nervous.

I want to make a sweater for Max, and have only been able to find two that I like, both of which are from Interweave (1 from summer, 1 from fall). Although since I don't really have money to buy enough yarn for a man-sweater right now, it will have to wait. Sorry, honey. It's my fault for having so much pink yarn piled up waiting for me to do something with it.

I think that I am going to make another pledge to not buy any more yarn for a while. Would I be crazy to try to not buy any more yarn until my birthday? That is, unless I run out entirely (because the whole reason to not buy yarn would be to use up all of the yarn that I have and if I run out...mission accomplished...right?).

Well, then...there you have it. I pledge not to buy exorbitant amounts of yarn until my birthday on November 14th. At which time I will probably buy all the yarn I can get my greedy little hands on! How's that for a pledge? Am I too weak to keep it? I bought some yarn last night, but that doesn't count. It has been one day since I bought yarn. Only 62 days left to go!

I mentioned that I have a wealth of pink yarn, right? Be prepared to see a lot of pink knitting in the future.

That's all for today, I suppose.

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Kar said...

yeah, i have a lot of random yarn and it's exciting, but i need to do something! i have so much yarn and so many projects to actually do! we'll see how's the news about the thing? lol