I just drank a candle...

...and perhaps it wasn't the brightest thing to do. I was just lazily and carelessly surfing the net, enjoying the fruity scent of a gold canyon candle (which my mommy sells and they rock way more than party lite or yankee, by the way) when I picked it up and brought it to my face like a nice cup of hot tea. Luckily, I caught myself before any burning ocurred...but really, Jez, pull yourself together, man! You can't just run around drinking candles all the time! Someone is going to get hurt...

Craft news: I watched quilting shows today on PBS (do they call it that here?) while Paul made smart-ass comments and claimed he could do a better job...whatever, Pasha. :P (he'll probably read this...lol). Anyway, it really made me want to work on my quilt. So, I called Joann's to see if they carried sewing machine oil...and they do. I'm going to go get some tonight, because I just can't bear to treat my antique sewing machine cruely by using it without daily oiling. I can tell that it is struggling without oil and who knows how long it has been since someone has pampered it? Old girl, you are in for a treat tonight! I may see if I can get some new needles for her too, but I don't know if modern needles will work. It's probably all basically the same, I would just need to find the correct size...right? Hopefully I can get her oiled and ready and still have time to work on the quilt. I have to go to bed early tonight because I'm and opener tomorrow morning.

In other news, I started the shrug today. Why is it that my lace always looks like poop?

Good? Yes? No? I think it looks yuckier than it actually is...maybe after a complete repeat it will look more like lace and less like shit.

I'm looking for a pattern for a cute cardigan/wrap type sweater that is simple enough for an advanced beginner/intermediate knitter...in sport weight. I have some pink (that's right, pink) sport weight yarn that I don't know what to do with. Any suggestions from knowledged knitters (or crocheters, I suppose :p) would be welcome and appreciated!

In other news, I think I'm ready for a new phone. I am thinking (very hard) about changing to T-Mobile so that I can get the pink Razor. I love my phone now only because it has glittery Hello-Kitty stickers on it, but I figure if I have a Razor, I can still glam it up with Hello-Kitty...and it'll be pink, the perfect backdrop! More talk on that later, I get paid tomorrow...So, I may or may not "cross over."

I suppose that's all for now.

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Paul said...

Is that a Challenge, well let me tell you this I will beat the crap out of that little old nice quilting gradma. I am 1337(hacker talk..aka geek speech)when it comes to knitting . anyway I see that you've added my Blog to your links, I appreciate that. and yeah pretty cool lacy thingy you made...oh by the way how do you write so much my posts are so short...well I have to work on that