What is every yarn freak's idea of HEAVEN ON EARTH!? A friggin' knitting convention, THAT'S WHAT! So, I was looking through interweave's latest magazine and happened upon an add for this huge convention in Rosemont...so, at the last minute...I WENT. I only went into the marketplace, however...because classes and such were very expensive. For the whole shabang it was somewhere around 300 dollars. And holy mackeral...were there PEOPLE there! I had no idea...and the yarn...everywhere...everywhere. I really didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do with myself and I kept thinking to myself..."I really don't have the money for this...no really, Jez, you don't..." But I could not resist. One booth way over on the right side had hanks of yarn for $6 each just so long as you bought five of them...So...I bought five of them. I also bought a Nashua (sp?) pattern book because I saw a lovely sample of a lace shrug from that book at one of the booths (oh, and I will be using the yarn that I bought for 6 bucks to make it with!!! I actually bought a pattern AND the yarn for it this time! I'm growing up...lol). And I bought the second book of modern lace knitting for like 9 bucks...I've started a scarf from the book (again, using yarn I bought...so, I don't have to buy any!). There is some really gorgeous stuff in this book that look really difficult...lots of circular tea cloths and table cloths. I was thinking...can't a table cloth become a circular shawl quite easily? My gears are turning...as always.

I don't have any pictures of my wares as of now. I haven't had a chance to wrap those hanks of yarn around my neck like a necklace and cuddle my pattern books in front of the camera lens. But I will...soon enough. So, just be on the lookout for my next post.

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Kar said...

yay! i added you and i'm really jealous about your convention, but i had to work so i couldn't have gone anyway! the shrug is on crochetme.com its an online magazine that i've pulled a couple of things off that look really cool! i really need to start finishing projects...lol...we thought you fell off the face of the earth, but you're actually there!