I like pickles...and knitting

Ohhhh-kay. Enough of my rantish posts. This one is really about somewhat current events in knitting and crocheting...and a little Ren. Faire too. As I mentioned, I have started working on a cool cabley scarf (my own pattern, thank you) in a really nice blue color. I will definitely need to get a few more skeins of this yarn though...hopefully they will still have quite a bit left, they had tons of a few days ago, but it IS on sale...so I SHOULD really hurry. Here is what it looks like:

I really like the way it looks. But I think maybe I should have used a larger needle because it feels sort of tight and stiff. I used the larger of the two suggested needle sizes, but whatever. I have already planned the remedy. First step will be to make it a bit longer than I normally would (what am I talking about? I'm notorious for extra-long scarves...so I'll make it normal lenght for me) so that it drapes more. The second step will be to line the backside with some really nice fabric...this will hide the yucky backside of the cables as well as provide a barrier from itchiness...not that it really seems to be itchy, but it is wool...merino or not. So...that's my plan. Sound good?

Oh, wait a second...I am also working on something else and, let me tell you, I must be effin' insane. Here is a sneak peak:

I am using size 10 crochet thread on a size D hook. Seriously, I get through one row and I have to take a break because my hand hurts. I am not yet half-way done...but I will be after a few inches! Which should take me a lifetime at the rate I'm going. By the way, it's going to be a cropped tank top thing that buttons in the back (intended to be worn with a tank or tee under it...I'm not a skank ho). I realize now that I chose the ultimate in girly colors to use...baby pink.

Ok...So, Ren. Faire was a blast. I went all around the little shops and watched a joust...twice...our sir thomas won, thank you very much. I bought a nice lavender soap, my favorite smell...and a very nice Bodice (also really girly in pink...sorry, no picture of it...maybe in a later post). It was sort of expensive, but hopefully worth it. Let's see, what else? OH...I also got this cool hair coil...that's right...HAIR COIL. I know it is incredibly new age earth child of me, but I chose the one with the crescent moon charm. Here's a picture:

Alright, laugh all you want, but I like it! Although, I haven't worn it outside of the Faire yet. I have, however, worn (and am wearing right now) the completed purple headband that I showed in an earlier post. I think it is not quite tight enough, but it's not like I'm really active or anything...so, it should be fine. :)

Here's me and Maxim at the joust...aren't we cute? (puke puke)

And here is a manly one of Maxim...WORK THAT ARROW, BABY! He'll blush when he reads this...sorry to everyone else for being gross! That's one of "ours" behind Max too...what a buffet of manliness (God, I love that snickers commercial!!)

That is all for now...do leave comments if you have any...or words of encouragement for me having to wake up tomorrow to be at work at 5AM...coffee man...I understand its benefits now.


Delia said...

I love that hair-coil thing!

Kar said...

i made a blog! so go see it!! hopefully my post shows up! otherwise i need help!!