Wait a minute...what's that?

Is that the beginning of something that someone asked me to make AGES ago? Why, yes...yes...I think it is.

And is that more progress on an ankle sock? Holy crap-ola. Yes...yes...I think it is.

Then, it grew a bit more...

Here's a footless shot:

Is that all that I did today? Why...no...whatever do you infer?

I also managed to do four loads of laundry. That's as incredible as a slinky!

And yesterday I landed myself a part-time job at Starbucks. I am so excited to start. I know that it is only part-time, but they have health insurance for part-timers and the other perks are great too (you really can't beat a free pound of coffee or box of tea every week!).

My independent study is pit-puttering around. My mom informed me that the yarn I bought on ebay has been shipped, which means I should be getting it soon...ish. It will be sent to my mom who will in turn send it to me...so it all sort of depends on when she decides to check the mailbox and go to the post office. I am very mad at her bag again and have stopped working on it for a few days. It is just because I can see what a disaster it is shaping up to be. I should really count stitches so that I know how big to make something...because I certainly did not do that and the front and back do not exactly appear to be the same size, which makes things ugly. I am disheartened...waaah.

What else? Oh, I really love knitting...and crocheting. I can't decide what I like more. I think that with crocheting, you see results much faster...and I like that being so impatient and all. But I do love knitting and I do knit more. I don't know.

A friend says that there is a knitting lounge nearby and suggested we meet up there sometime to have dork knit/crochet time...and we should...and she should do the driving :)

Right now I am watching the hot dog eating contest...I already know who wins, but I would like to watch it just for the novelty of watching a hot dog eating contest. I'm hungry.

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Kara said...

lovely, just lovely...i wish mine were better....and not stalled....where are you at now...that'll determine if i drive you or not...but if max took you to napertizzi i would come get you and take you to the fox valley...lol...oh and I GOT A JOB!!