I might be a monster...but kind of a nice one.

So, in the midst of working on my mother's hideous excuse for a purse a few days ago...I became bored. I usually become bored. It's easy to do. So, I decided that I wanted to figure out how to make something spherical. I decided I was tired of knitting for the day and turned the the crochet hook for answers. What I created was a small green ball...it looked ugly. I decided to put eyes on it to make it cuter (and I stuffed it with yarn because I didn't have anything else). I think it helped. So anyway, my boyfriend calls and I said I made something and he goes "is it green?" and I go "OMG, YES IT IS!" and there was much laughter. Then, he told me that he would be late coming home because he had a lot of work left to do. So, I said to myself...awww...he's only been working full time for a short while and he's already staying late...poor dear. I decided that the cute little green booger that I made would be a gift for him to put on his desk. And here is what the cute little green booger actually looks like.

I love it with all of my heart. I decided, since he did not know he would be getting a gift that day that I would wrap it up as a surprise. I only had paper towels...but they would have to do.

I put a clever little note on it...just to hint at what was inside. And when he got home, I gave it to him to open, which he did with great glee. Here he is with his new pride and joy...the ultra-cute little green booger.

That was a few days ago. I made a lot of progress on my mom's bag and it just keeps looking worse and worse the more I do to it. So, I didn't touch it today. INSTEAD, I started to make a SOCK!!

First, I guess I must show the yarn that I am using...

It's a pretty large skein. So, I'm excited. I have never knit socks before and I don't have anyone to teach me how to do it. That means that I must turn to my old friend the internet for a pattern and know-how. I found a cute pair of ankle socks ("pom squad" on magknits.com). So, I start reading the pattern and it suggests using a figure 8 cast-on. I become perplexed...figure 8, eh? So, I again turn to my little internetty to teach me how to do it. It did not fail me. I figure 8 casted on and it is quite loose...and the person who wrote it mentioned that the stitches would be twisted for half of the stitches and that I should knit into the back of those stitches. Well, I don't really know what all of that means...so, I just sort of guessed on which ones were "twisted," did as prescribed, and called that "that." Maybe that's not the best way to go about knitting, but I don't really care. Guess what, I don't know a single thing about guage either (except for how to spell it) and never check it! I know that would make a lot of master knitters cringe...

Anyway, this is the humble beginning of the ankle sock...

I think I want to try to get through the toe tonight. I probably won't, though...a girl's got to sleep.

In other news, I found about a millions patterns online that I would like to make. Most of them are free ones, too. So, I downloaded them and organized them. I have even decided on what knitpicks.com yarns I will substitute the suggested yarns with! I love knitpicks...they are a godsend. The free pattern that I am most excited about is the crochet lace dress pattern that I found on interweave's website. Sorry, I don't know how to make a link...but do find their website and check this dress out!

That's all for tonight...at least I said SOMETHING, right?

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Kara said...

did you know that there is a knitting lounge in fox valley?? we should go and you can knit and i'll crochet :) still no jobbie for kara :(