Mommy's wack purse

So, here is the progress on my mom's Fox purse. I think I will try to be done with most, if not all, of the actual knitting by tomorrow. Then, I shall make my first-ever attempt at felting...this is the only reason that I feel motivated to work on it anymore. I'm really excited to see how it turns out. Who knows, I might just love it and felting could become...my thing. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

As I mentioned, the front of the bag was already completed a long time ago. Here is a picture of the completed front piece.

Yay for Foxes! Yes, he is cute. Yes, I know that it seems quite bulky where the fox is compared to where...the fox isn't. But it was my first time using multiple colors and I am proud of it! So back off!!!! And my mommy will like it too...because she'll have to. If she didn't, that would be like making fun of my drawings I gave her as a kid...and that's not cool.

So, after the font piece was finished, I moved on to the back piece. I decided, for thrift purposes, to make the back all stripey in a goofy random way. This also contributes to the scribble-picture-on-the-fridge look. Now, here is a picture of me taken last night holding what there was of it. Don't I look excited?

Yes, yes I do. Those pants, by the way, belonged to my friend Jayne. I bought them from her at our yard sale last weekend for 50 cents and I think that they are the ultimate in skinny leg chic. Wouldn't you agree? Oh, and I love that tank top too...so very soft and comfy...Urban Outfitters 2 for $20, if you're interested.

Enough about clothes...onto my progress for today! Today I came very close to finishing the back piece of the purse! The day is still young and I may still get it done before the night is over. I think I only have about 9 rows or so left to go on this bugger. Then, it is onto the finishing touches...like the longish strip that I'll make to create the sides, bottom, and the strap of the bag. I think I'll make that around two inches wide...give or take. And even though I'm felting and nobody will probably be able to tell anyway, I am thinking of using seed stitch...because I think it's pretty and a little bit more interesting than garter or stockinette.

Here is the lovely progress of the day picture:

Hooray for me! But now I'm bored. I don't really want to work on this bag anymore...I want to do something else.

So....my friend gave me yarn a while back so that I could make her something that I made for myself in the Happy Hooker book. She really loved it and wanted one for herself. That was months ago! Maybe I should start on that now. Wow, in addition to being a terrible daughter (when was mother's day?), I am also kind of a stinky friend. Well, now that school is over, I really have no excuse. I'll work on it soon...pinky promise.

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Kara said...

haha, i bet jess does want her thing done...mine still needs to be finished but i don't understand the pattern anymore :( nor have the book...saddness eh? i heart your blog but not your skinny pants....but maybe only on you, dork