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In terms of knitting, right now I have started something stupid that I may rip to shreds. It is going to be a stuffed animal made with pink cotton yarn...I am hoping that it in some way resembles a deer. I like deer...I love Bambi...but I hate things that take too long to get done. I need to start doing things from already existing patterns instead of trying to come up with my own because it has started to become really discouraging for me. The only problem with that is that when you use a pattern, you have to buy the right yarn for that pattern...whoops, I don't have a job yet...so that counts that one out. Another problem is that you have to buy the pattern in the first place...whoops again, I just fell off the college boat...no job. Also, when it comes to buying patterns I am extremely picky (is the beggar a chooser? I think she is) and cannot justify buying an entire book for over 20 when I'll use maybe one or two of the patterns in it. There are two books that I am actually considering buying. The first is Knitting Nature and the second is the Knit Cafe book. Both of these have more than two patterns I wouldn't mind making...if I had the money to buy the books...and the yarn...and the needles (my needle collection is still quite small, by the way). So, basically, I just fiddle around with what I have and make nothing really exciting or good. I do have the most recent Interweave issue that has a lot of nice things in it...but again no yarn to speak of...whatever.

I was really planning on putting up some pictures today to show my effed-up beginning of a deer head, but my camera is and has been in my boyfriend's glove compartment for approximately two weeks now and I keep forgetting to get it out of there. So, no pictures for you. Well, maybe I can come up with something....

This is something that I am currently working on and have been for what seems like a lifetime...this is my mother's mothers' day present which I still have not completed. I am a terrible daughter, but she understands. Actually, now I am MUCH further along than this image suggests. I have finished the Fox's head completely...in fact, I have finished this front piece entirely. This was the first time that I had ever used more than one color of yarn at a time...oh yeah, and I haven't done it since. It isn't that I don't like it...I just haven't had time to do it. I actually enjoyed watching the pattern grow. I am currently working on the back, which is going to be randomly stripey in colors that don't really make sense but I want to use them anyway. Oh, by the way, this is a purse that I will be felting and lining, perhaps with a pocket. I have never felted before, so I really don't know what to expect...at all. Again, this is something that I have come up with. I did not use a pattern or anything. I even planned out the Fox design myself too! And for those of you who are wondering...yes, the fox is of significant importance to my mother (and me too). That's it...I'm working on it tonight.

Want to hear something funny? On sunday evening I got to see my boyfriend at his dorkiest when I crashed a weekly D&D party. For those of you not versed in Dork...D&D stands for dungeons and dragons...that's right...DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. In all fairness, though, these guys aren't a dorky about it as some other D&D groups are where they stay in character THE WHOLE TIME. No, these guys are much less serious and crack a lot of jokes the whole time...so, at least my boyfriend at his geekiest is not as bad as some other guys at their BEST. LoL. I just thought I'd share that. OH, oh oh! To make things better, we are apparently going to see a midnight showing of Superman tonight. Although, the only reason any of us really want to see it is because Kevin Spacey is Lex Luther and he is awesome. Superman is sort of a loser, I think. Especially when we have Batman, a "kickass BY HIS OWN EFFORT AND HARD WORK" hero, to protect us all.

Have I said to much?

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