Why I majored in psychology

The thing about it is that I really did want to DO something with a degree in psychology. I still do. Yet, everyone asks me what I want to do and I tend to shy away from the question because mostly everyone responds when I tell them with a "oooh, LOTS of money in that" with a sarcastic tone. My mother supports me in whatever I do, which I am fortunate for. My grandfather said that although I would not make any money, it would be more rewarding (he appreciates what I want to do being a Baptist minister who doubles as a grief counselor). I guess I should maybe say what I want to do. I want to work for some sort of community program...hopefully one fighting for social justice. I don't need to make lots of money...I will need to pay off my student loans, but all of that will happen...it will. So, anyway...I guess I'm just sick of people thinking that people with degrees in psychology are all in it for the cash...but I suppose they have been given few reasons to think otherwise.

For the last time, people, my aim is not to analyze YOU but rather the community/society that reared you and maybe contribute something useful here and there. I don't know...anyway...that rant's over.

This really isn't much of a knitting blog, is it? I just have a lot on my mind. I'm in St. Louis for two weeks with my family (a mom and brother who went rounds today) so I am just not in the mood to knit...and don't have my supplies with me anyway. All apologies to any readers who want knitting (as someone left a comment proving me wrong that no one reads this!...THANKS, by the way! I'm glad this blog isn't just lost in the sea of otherness!).

Let's see, what else...I started Crime and Punishment. I'm excited. I think I'll try to read some today before I head off to work at four. Dostoevsky is sort of wonderful, I think. The Brothers Karamazov was my hero for a long time.

Jya...foreign languages...My dirty Russian boyfriend is sending me a book that I really needed to get started for my Japanese independent study, which I am two weeks behind on. However, this time it was not exactly my fault because I have never taken a summer course and I did not know the application process. So, as soon as "wagahai wa neko de aru" arrives in my mailbox with my electronic dictionary, the hardcore reading of a Japanese literary masterpiece will begin. I'm sort of excited about it, actually. I wonder if I'll ever do anything with a degree in Japanese. Probably not. I really should have majored in a more useful language like Spanish...it's not too late to learn though...and I want to learn German...and (of course) Russian...and Armenian. I really wish that my great-great grandparents were around so that I could learn that last one...but alas, I never knew them...and it seems that the only way to really learn Armenian is to learn it from someone who speaks it as there aren't a lot of materials out there for self-learning that I can find...

Whoa, this is a long post...I'll end it abrup--

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Kara said...

i thought i would just use this to write you a comment, but i've seen like 3-4 jobs that want japanese speaking people....you could always be an investment banker, that's when you're japanese will pay off...or so says the guy at my interview today :) apparently you'd be making 6 figures! haha, so moral of the story, you should've been an econ or finance major :) just kidding love ya anyway!