No one reads this

If anyone reads this, I'd be surprised. I am sort of known around these parts for looking at other peoples' knitting blogs and complaining when they don't have enough pictures and/or do not make much progress and only talk about everyday stuff. I do this quite often, in fact. I do it often, but I find that I am guilty of it personally on this blog. Whatev. No one reads this anyway.

Today (yesterday?) is (was?) Monday and I did not have finals today (yesterday?). I do, however, have two finals tomorrow (today?). The first is an art final which I am quite behind on and am feeling quite tired of. I still have drawings to finish at 1:10 am for the class final that begins at 10:00 am. I hate this. I am tired. My second final is for tests and measurements, which I am also not ready for...but in a more oh-shit-I'm-not-confident-in-this-at-all kind of way. That's not exciting...or it is, but in a way I don't enjoy. I wish I felt that I could finish two-three drawings if I got up at 6 in the morning to start on them...but I don't think that I can. Or maybe I DO think I can....6 am is really not that early when it comes right down to it and that is a good few hours to complete two-three drawings in. AND...AND....if I finish well before class I can treat my self to a cafeteria breakfast and a bit of studying for the more-important-for-my-major final in tests and measurements. OKAY! I'm going to sleep...after I mention what I got today.

Today I was given a gift certificate by the other Jessica at/for bath and body works...we were in the store while an awesome sale was happenin' and she bought the darn thing right there and gave it to me in the store...like a really awesome loser would. Those sorts of things are my FAVORITE! Anyway, I bought two little body splashes: one is cherry blossam and the other is coconut lime verbena....mmmm I got one bigger body splash in white tea and ginger....mmmmm AND THE FINAL THING is a thing of green clover and aloe lotion...it smells all earthy and wonderful...like peace...

Ok...I'll post knitting by the end of the week...after finals...pinky promise (with fingers crossed behind my back...just in case)

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redefinEdworld said...

You think people don't read your blog, but you have no idea...that's what I've learned so far. Anyway, good luck with your finals, nice name too, I always use the phrase pick up stix, or rhyme other thing with stix and make up these imaginary words, it's awesome.