Nu, come on...seriously.

WTF. I mean really...wtEFF is up with socks?! I just don't get it. I was doing so well and then the heel happened. The hEEEEeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEEeeeel. What's so terrible about a heel? Well, just listen up.

I woke up very excited. "I'm going to get through the heel today," I exclaimed with morning gusto. So, I spent a while working up in the round to get to what I guessed was the heel place. The pattern said to do it until it reached comfortably to your ankle. I decided that it did. Maybe I was wrong...but that's not TOO too big of a deal anyway, right? So, my sock up to the heel part looked very lovely...something like this:

Oooh, Ahhh...isn't she lovely?

Then I moved on to learn heelness. Again, I've never made a sock before and to be honest, the pattern doesn't tell me what kind of heel this is (I'm guessing short row? Maybe?) So, I didn't really know what to look up for extra help. Well, anyway, I did what I thought the pattern was telling me to do and I ended up with something that somewhat resembled a heel. However, I was sort of feeling that something wasn't right about it. Eventually, it came time to increase and the pattern said I should knit a certain number and then knit the next stitch WITH ITS WRAP. So, yeah, thinking that I knew what a wrap was...I knit the next stitch with its "wrap" and so on and so forth as the pattern specified for a few rows. But then I took a moment to count my stitches...earlier in the pattern it said that I will always have 16 stitches on each needle. Well....WEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL....I didn't. So, WTF is up with socking? I don't know. So, I thought, "Well, maybe that wasn't true...I think I should have more...but I will need to get back to the 16 on each needle...and so far the stitches haven't gone down in number. I guess I don't know what a wrap is." So, then I looked at my stitches and saw that at the end of both needles there were little clusters of two stitches. "Are these stitches and their wraps?" I thought to myself. So, I decided that they were and k2tog when I came to those. The pattern said that I should do this until all the wrapped stitches were "activated"...WeverTF that means. So, i was put-putting around with that and then I somehow didn't have ENOUGH effin' stitches! So, I called it quits on the heel...deciding that it resembled a heel enough already...and just connected what I had with the stitches for the top of the foot and knit around like normal. It does have a heel shape...but it sort of yucky looking, with holes and stuff. I think before I do the next sock, I will practice this art a bit on some scrappy yarn.

Here's an example of the holies on this side of the sock. Aren't they ugly?

I just don't know about socks, man. I really do love socks...I was really excited about making socks. I want to be good at socking (that's what I call it)...but I just...don't....know....about socks.

Also, I am a little upset about something knitting related. If you look closely at my heel in the picture above, you can see that some of my stitches look a little funny and all asymmetric-like. Are those twisted stitches? I think that's what they are called. Well, I always seem to encounter this problem when I am knitting not in the round. I have found only one thing to help me with this and that is to knit into the back loop instead of the front loop. However, it didn't seem to help much on the heel from hell. If there are any knitters who read this and want to offer some insight on this little mondai (problem), I would appreciate it. I don't have any friends who would know. Any advice on socks in general would be great too...because, well, as I said...I just don't know about socks.

And this is really what I ate today...that is what I believe to be homemade sauerkraut and a hot dog (nuked with mustard). There just wasn't anything else that looked good.


Kara said...

i think your sock looks lovely for first socking attempt! do you enjoy that i comment on everything??

Mimi said...

Hi Little Jezzie,

Thanks for stopping by my site and for your nice compliments!;)
I don't know how to knit socks and I would have the same problems you are facing now. Your sock looks just fine for me.
The bag with fox is so cute, your mother will sure love it!