Life, man...what...EV! For real though, it's been approximately a gazillion (count them) days since my last post and I know some people are getting a little bit antsy (That'd be you, Kara). So, I high-tailed it to a Bread Co. (known as panera in these heathen northern, non-st. louis parts) to use their free wireless internet and enjoy a tasty french onion bread bowl. BUT...OOOPS...they don't have bread bowls today. Dag-nabbit! No really, what is UP with THAT?

So, I have been busy moving and training for my new job-ola. But who cares about all of that? NOT ME! LoL I finished one sock...did I tell y'all that?

So, the pattern called for 2x2 rib for the top of the sock and I went..."wait a minute...2x2 rib is sooo five minutes ago. Seed stitch is way cooler....and it turned out, well, not to be much cooler after all. Oh well.

I decided I wanted to play with some lace-ish type skills and I started making this headband...I didn't use a pattern or anything, I was just sort of farting around with yarn overs and decreases and this is what I came up with. It has grown on me.

I will most likely finish it tonight by putting some elastic on it and will wear it soon enough...as long as it stays on my head (I have issues with that sort of thing...kind of like a five year old girl in a playground). I have plans for a much wider one in the making, but I want to use a darker more neutral color so I can possibly wear it to work. I need it wider to conceal my Dumbo ears...while I love Dumbo and find him irresistable...I could do without resembling him. LOL

I forgot how to make a ball-like shape in crochet...so I found something online to help me. I made another little ball-head booger thing for Dirty Red only this time it was tan with a red face and not really much of a booger at all. He enjoys my dorky little gifts...HEY, now he has a pair of BALLS! hahahaha. Ok, fine, whatever.

I believe that is all I have for you, at least for now. On sunday I am planning on going to a Renaissance faire on the wisconsin border. I hear that sometimes knitters find amazing treats at such events (like free spinning! and hand-spun yarn for sale!). Although it is probably a faire by faire thing...but we shall see!

And yes, I am a dork and am excited about the renaissance faire not only because of the prospect for yarn.

Ciao for Now!

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Kara said...

yay! new blog! i'm excited...i've started working hardcore on my afghan again and thought about starting my own dorkish blog about artsy fartsy stuff! we'll see though...hope the job and moving is going well, i move on the 29th! talk to you soon! you should come to my pirate party to be on a later to be determined date in august