A knitting post is coming later

But this post is just for me to rant for a moment.

You know what? I'm really getting tired of life kicking the asses of people I love. Really. Stupid money! Stupid economy! Stupid office beaurocracy! Stupid rent check! Stupid credit card debt! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid LIFE!

I wish I were rich and could just zip-zap everyone's problems away, but I'm somewhat helpless in that department...at least for a while. I think I've definitely decided to look for a REAL job at the end of this year. I'm strongly considering working as a research assistant somewhere...and if I do end up doing something like that...I will do my best to give my mom some money. I sort of owe it to her.

Enough of that, it's personal muk-luk anyway (is that the right context to use muk-luk...do I really know what muk-luk means or even how to spell it? Maybe). I will probably post another blog entry later tonight with pictures and stuff. I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire and had a great time. More on that junk later, but don't get too excited about seeing project progress because I really haven't done much. I did finish that headband thing, though.

Anyway, more to come...

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Kar said...

down with the man! can we buy our island already??