New Things

A few days ago, I started a new blog. It is not about knitting or crafting, but is rather a place for all my rants, raves and struggles with being a writer and philosophical, political, and religious issues. That isn't to say that this blog will now be safe from these things, because quite frankly, this is MY blog too.

If any of you are interested in following my "other" blog, here's a link. It is also in the sidebar. I'd like to get some good discussions going over there. So, please stop by if you get a chance. I'm good people. :)

As far as knitting and crafting goes, I have half a million projects...and little motivation to work on them. Don't let me cast on any more. I don't think my brain could handle it. There's a lot of schtuff going on with school right now (papers, readings, group projects), and I'm doing my best to keep sane.

In fact, I need to leave for class soon...


Eliana said...

Great to see that you're working on new projects!
Oh, don't rush yourself. Take your time and your knitting mojo will back :)

Jez said...

That is good advice. I might just need a break. :)