Rant? I don't know what brought it on.

Today I have class. It's not my favorite class, but it's all right I guess. Listen to me, censoring myself again. I need to stop doing that or I'll stifle the revolution.

Sometimes I imagine I'm in a revolution.

What would I change if I could? Anything? Is it arrogant to assume that changing things is the way to making things better?

Nah. As long as it all changes the way I think it should change, things should be just fine. Republicans and Democrats, I am your worst enemy because each of you thinks that I am the other! You are both wrong, of course. So very, very wrong. And you're wrong about Obama too. That's right, both of you! Honestly, I could take him or leave him. He's really just filler...and that's a dangerous thing because it only succeeds in maintaining the current state of things.

Well, whatever, the Republican/Democrat argument is as old as the dirt. The words mean nothing anymore. If you think the words do mean something, it is because you identify as one or the other. It means something to you...you make sure it means something to you. That's OK. Just know that to people who don't identify as one or the other, the words are meaningless letters and both ideologies are wrong. That's the benefit of objectivity.

You'd think I were boozing heavily before writing this. On the contrary, it's just me and Earl Grey in this neck of the woods. Maybe the fact that I have a lot of reading to do for my class today has something to do with it.

Once a procrastinator, always a philosopher.



Maxim Khailo said...

The words are meaningless now. Or worse, they are the complete opposites of what they mean everywhere else. But yes, meaningless and dangerous in their meaninglessness, because they become whatever you want them to be. Just like you said, each one thinks you are the other.

Jasmin said...

Technically, as a US citizen it is your constitutional responsibility to start a revolution if you feel that the government is corrupt. (Or maybe that's just the way *I* interpret it...)

Vive le Revolucion!

Jez said...

Word, Jasmin, word. lol. Which is why I actually published the post rather than deleting it and "self censoring" myself once again! There is a difference between "playing nice" and "playing weak." I can play nice...but I'll play weak no more!!

Vive le Revolucion, indeed!

Léa et Aurélie said...

Just came across your blog via Ravelry... I know I'll come back cause we obviously have lots in common, obvisouly not only knitting... Hello from France, where starting a revolution sadly belongs to the past, I guess... Aurélie

Jez said...

Nice to meet you!!!! :D It's good to find like-minded knitters out there! I think we do have a lot in common (we even chose the same blog templates! lol).