I know...shocker, right?

Thrummed Mittens from the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits that look remarkably like a sea creature at this point:

Knit up in Silk Garden, which I'll admit, makes me feel decadent and self consumed.

Toe-Up Stripedies from my own brain (no pattern) that I will probably never finish, but I love the way they look so far:

And the other stuff is still being knit on...good times. But for now, I must quit procrastinating and get back to my take-home final exam for my cataloging course! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


Terhi said...

Read about your guilty pleasure on Lolly's and I had to comment here: my guilty pleasure is the Backstreet Boys and I just had a dream last night of them making a record with Geri.

So you are not the only one. If I ratted you out you can erase my comment! :D

Jez said...

Lol. It's ok. Most people I know and care about already know my weaknesses.

((and Geri is my favorite, Barbara Walters mentioned her on Colbert Report as someone she couldn't remember from the Most Interesting people list from a few years ago. I jumped up and yelled at her for it. lol))