Lace Blouse

I would like to share my latest FO with you. That's right...I've finished something...and I'm not so humble that I'm not 100% proud of myself.

Pattern: Lace Blouse by Jennie Atkinson from the book Romantic Style.
Yarn: Rowan 4-ply Cotton
Started: 6.07!!!!
Finished: 11.28.08
Modifications: None to speak of. I have not added buttons. I kind of like it without them. I may add them later, but there is certainly no rush.

This damned thing (and I am comfortable calling it that. It likes it) took me forever to finish. That border around the neck and front basically killed me. It seemed like no matter how many times I estimated that I had only three or so repeats left, there were four more to go. Now that it is done, I am so happy that I put myself through the torture of finishing it. Good job, me.

Here is the Ravelry Link for you spiffy Ravelers out there. :)

Now for some WIP talk. Max's Cobblestone is about 10 inches long, at 16 I put it off on scrap yarn and start the sleeves. He's pretty much accepted that this thing will take me forever to finish. My snowdrop cardigan is moving along as well, but very slowly. I'm still finishing the second sleeve, then I have to do cuffs on both sleeves, the pockets, seaming of peices, and picking up around the whole darned thing for a collar and border. So, while I wish I could say I'm nearly finished as I usually do when finishing the sleeves, I am nowhere near finishing it. It might take another month at the rate I'm going now. :/

School has got me pretty busy. This week I have to work on a take-home final exam ("take-home test" in graduate school usually means a gazillion times more work intensive and time consuming than an in-class test. Sigh. I had two weeks to work on it (it's due next Monday), but I went to Saint Louis for Thanksgiving and, of course, did not hit the books. Not even once. I must study for the final in my other class (which will be on next week's Wednesday), write one more paper, and read a couple-hundred page book for class discussion (by tomorrow, I might add). I'm not complaining, not yet anyway. I just know that I won't get much knitting in until finals are finally over. Then, I will become a knitting and spinning fool!

That's right--a fool!

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